Stereo Photo Album was created by photographer Samantha Chami who is based in Sydney, Australia. The name Stereo Photo Album illustrates this particular type of photography and it’s intention. Short for stereoscopic, it’s the art of capturing two slightly offset photographs which when displayed together, create a three dimensional image.
Since I was a child I’ve been in awe of three dimensional slide photos, I love the true to life colors and the depth they capture that can make you
feel like you’re standing in the scene, living that moment. These days, whenever I go to a flea market I’m always on the lookout for old 1950’s
View-Master reels and as an avid traveler I’m interested in the scenic destinations in particular.

My husband, who is also a professional photographer, has an interest in antique cameras and since the arrival of our son we started exploring
the idea of photographing and making our own personal 3D stereo reels. This has since been a really beautiful and captivating way to keep
a record of our family memories, as not only do they look incredible but now the activity of looking back at the reels has developed into a
favorite family ritual for us to do together.

I absolutely love weddings; they are the best occasions because family and friends from all walks of life come together to celebrate and
support the love of two people. Everyone is in high spirits and the energy throughout the course of the celebration is ecstatic.
I feel very lucky because my husband and I celebrated our marriage with two very different but equally special weddings, we were blessed
to be able to celebrate our love twice with so many of our family and friends who love and support us.

We’ve often been asked to photograph our friends weddings so as a surprise we also started shooting them with the 3D stereo camera and we
would gift the reels along with a vintage viewer to them. Their reactions were so satisfying for us, we were very happy that we were able to
give them such special and unique images from one of their most memorable and important days.
This is what inspired me to begin shooting weddings with this camera, I love finding beautiful and creative ways to express stories through
images and this form of photography is so delightful and unique. It’s too special not to share.