Shotgun Floral Studio

More to come later on this one for Shotgun Floral Studio. For now a snap of me shooting some lovely flowers underneath an awfully lovely flower ceiling made by those talented ladies.

Pop Antique

I never realized how beautiful a corset could be until I shot Marianne’s two wedding corsets. One of the Corset Designers for Dark Garden, Corsetry & Couture in San Francisco, she wanted to have some Boudoir style photos shot for her beau. The whole boudoir concept works so well with the 3D viewmaster format, mainly because it’s basically a private viewer, which goes along with the ‘for your eyes only’ aesthetic of boudoir. I looovvveee a lot of these busty shots and now have an admiration for the Corset and it’s beautiful hourglass shape it creates.

Fresh Bash 2016

In April I had the pleasure of participating in the Fresh Bash, a party for local vendors in Sacramento, CA. I loved every minute of it, so many talented creative vendors involved, it was centered around 4 vendor teams tasked with creating a uniquely fresh wedding look / package. Surrounded by some individual badass friendor booths which included my favorites – the cheese school, Perfume Bar Soiree, delicious food from
Farm to Table Mindblowing cocktails by Sharpshooter SF. I was doing a live demonstration of how I assemble the 3D reels and had a blast talking with and meeting all the vendors. Definitely recommend this event and I can’t wait to be a part of it next year!!
Here’s some more coverage of it on the green wedding shoes website Check it out!
Photos by Milou and Olin Photography and a couple in there of me by Dave Shilling Photo

Animal Collective

I had the opportunity to shoot the band Animal Collective for their Set designer Abby Portner at their show in Oakland at the Fox Theater, initially she just needed digital but I thought I’d take my 3D camera along as an experiment to see just how much light the camera actually needed to be able to shoot a correctly exposed photo, I was wide open and shooting at 1/10 sec, these are how some of the photos turned out…in all it was a good experiment to see how the 3D viewmaster camera would shoot in very low light conditions with a light source which was so visually stimulating and changing constantly.

How it all started

I started shooting with the Viewmaster Stereo camera a few years ago when my son was born, my husband was researching 3D cameras for his personal work and came across this particular model. We instantly felt a fond nostalgic feeling, remembering how much we loved playing with Viewmasters as kids and thought ‘how fun would it be to use this to capture our family memories?’. We imagined our son looking back at these times of us all and being able to see himself in 3D, experiencing the feeling that he can reach out and touch our faces or feel the water splashing up around his little legs, reliving these memories in a way that he feels like he’s actually there. Even today looking back at the 3D reels is such a fun family activity, passing the viewer around and enjoying the memories all together, I’m so thankful that we got the camera!